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Priority for updating Android apps

A smaller, yet important feature was introduced in Microsoft Endpoint Manager 2111 with regards to managing application updates for Android Enterprise.

We must update our apps regularly to ensure our devices are stable and secure, offer new features for users, and to ensure our devices are stable and secure. Normally, Android Enterprise devices update their applications automatically.

Our options at the point of release are quite straightforward: we can make a specific group of apps high priority, which will result in the app being updated regardless of the device's connection, charging state, or current usage.

Using the 2111 release, we have added a new configuration for apps imported with Managed Google Play that controls how app updates are handled. Admins can make sure that critical applications always receive updates by overriding the update settings of the default configuration. Even if the user rarely connects to a WIFI network or has set their system to not update applications.

For dedicated, fully managed, and corporate-owned work profile devices, you can choose an app update mode when an app is assigned to groups. The update modes available are:

  • Default: The app's updates are subject to default conditions (described above).

  • High Priority: The app will update as soon as possible from when a new update is released, disregarding all of the default conditions. This may be disruptive for some users since the update can occur while the device is being used.

You should not target all applications with a high priority while you are planning to implement this, since this could consume your users' cellular data quota or negatively impact their experience. Consider making a list of critical applications that need to be updated every time.

To edit the app update mode:

  • Sign in to the MEM

  • Select Apps > All apps.

  • Select the app from the apps list.

  • Select Properties.

  • Select Edit by the Assignments section.

  • Find the group you'd like to edit the app update mode for by clicking the corresponding group mode for that group.

  • Under app settings, select the desired update mode.



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