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Custom Notifications using Intune

Microsoft Intune can be used to send custom notifications to managed iOS/iPadOS and Android devices. These messages appear as standard push notifications from the Company Portal app and from the Microsoft Intune app on a user's device, just as notifications from other applications on the device appear. Intune custom notifications aren't supported by macOS and Windows devices.

As an iOS/iPadOS device, the notification displays within the Company Portal app instead of being pushed out as a push notification if the app is open at the time the notification is received. Until the notification is dismissed, it remains on the screen.


  • The device must be MDM enrolled.

  • The device must have the Company Portal app

  • The Company Portal app must be allowed to send push notifications.

Send custom notification to a single device

Custom notifications can be sent by using device actions to a single device. If you would like to send a customized notification to a single device using device actions, please follow these steps.

  • Search the specific device whom you want to send customized notification

  • In Overview -> Click on 3 horizontal dots -> Send custom notification

In the dialogue box, provide relevant subject (50 Characters) and Body message (500 Characters) - > Click Send

End user experience

End user will see below message format during locked screen and after opening company portal notification

Send custom notification to a Multiple devices / group

Log in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. Make sure the account you are using is allowed to send notifications. Go to Tenant administration > Custom notifications.

Choose the notification title and body by clicking the Basics tab. Please keep it concise and meaningful.

Select target security group**

Note** - Custom notifications are meant for users and not devices. The groups that you select here must contain users. If the group contains devices, they will be ignored, and notifications will be sent to only users.

Review the information on the Review + Create tab, and when you are ready to send the notification, click Create.

Intune will process the notification to set of users who are part of group.

End user will experience same behavior on their device like individual testing



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