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Configure Microsoft Store for Business

The Microsoft Store for Business will be necessary if you want to purchase applications in bulk on the Windows Store and then distribute them in your organization

If you use Microsoft Endpoint Management UEM to manage your Windows 10 devices, you can integrate the two systems.

After integration, you can acquire applications from the Microsoft Store for Business and distribute the applications and manage their updated versions with MEM UEM.

Go to Tenant Administration -> Connectors and tokens -> Microsoft Store for Business

Click on the link "Open the business store" -

In the Store for Business, there is no need to create an account, instead, access is granted by signing into your tenant first. After that, you open the link to the Store for Business in a new tab.

Click "Manage"

In the Business Store, choose the Manage tab, select Settings -> Distribute

Under Distribute Tab, change the name of your private store (if required)

Scroll Down in Distribute tab and click “Activate” for Microsoft Intune

Return to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin console interface, click on Enable at the synchronization level, and hit “Save”

Select the language of your applications, then click on Sync

Wait while the store and Intune synchronize

Configure store applications for your tenant

Search and select the app - Company Portal in the Microsoft Store for Business

Click on “Get the app”

Agree to the Service Agreement (initial one-time activity)

Note: common to get this failure notice, please wait and try again

The item will be added to your inventory after a few tries

Return to Intune and click Sync

Your Apps will appear in Windows catalogue and can be assigned to your respective groups or devices.

In case you want to view or cancel any existing purchase of app.

Return to Microsoft for business -> Manage -> Order history-> Order number

Click on the Order number and click refund

Select Refund



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