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About Intune Suite

As part of the Microsoft Intune Suite, Microsoft integrated a comprehensive set of endpoint management and security solutions into one convenient package, which was marketed as an all-in-one management and security solution.

An advanced endpoint management and security solution that is included in Microsoft Intune Suite is a new per-user, per-month license plan. The suite of tools works with both cloud-managed devices and those managed on-premises through Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security services

With deep integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security, IT and security teams will be able to increase automation with data science and artificial intelligence, transforming them from reactive to proactive when it comes to endpoint management and other security issues.

Below are the major capabilities of Intune Suite

  • Remote Help

  • Endpoint Privilege Management

  • Advanced endpoint analytics

  • Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management

  • Management of specialty devices

  • Advanced app management

Intune Suite Pricing

Here is the pricing table for the newly released Intune Suite! An endpoint management solution that resides in the cloud, Intune Suite.

Here’s a consolidated list of Microsoft Intune Suite content links, arranged to help find the right article for you, your manager, or your helpdesk:le title


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Introducing advanced Endpoint analytics with Microsoft Intune Suite

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Microsoft Intune Suite documentation

Suite options

Intune Suite webpage

How to enable Intune suite add on subscription

Before we can use Intune Suite, we need to enable it. Go to MEM Admin Centre > Tenant admin >Intune add-ons, click on view details, then purchase license or start free trail.

Try Intune Suite free for 90 days with up to 250 trial users. One trial is allowed for each organization. After the trial ends, you’ll need to purchase a license for each user in your organization to continue using Microsoft Intune Suite on.

My opinion is that this product, combined with the newly introduced add ins and plugins to Defender, Entra, and Purview, this should be considered the ultimate E5 license, while E3 should inherit what the current E5 has to offer, and M365 portfolio should be the best of the best for SMBs.



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