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Add Volume Purchase Program app in Intune

Apple's Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP - Device Enrollment Program) has been configured to enroll the iOS/iPadOS devices purchased through the intune account. Using AED/DEP, you can enroll a large number of devices without having to touch them.

DEP customers purchase applications through the Volume Purchase Program, and the apps will be synced to Intune for deployment to their mobile devices.

Recently, we procured an app from ABM to install on iOS /iPadOS.

  • Click on Apps and books

  • Search the app either with name or Bundle Id

  • Choose the Assignment location and Quantity

  • Click Get to make your purchase

*usually, it takes 30 minutes to process the purchase order and sync with Intune

After we received an email that app order processed successfully, we initiate the manual sync to reflect the app in Intune Portal.

Search the App in Intune App catalogue and assign to respective user / security group

Similarly, we added a new app based on business demand, which must be applied for a specific set of users, who belongs to a specific location / region.

We identified that the App has region limitations and can be accessed within the country.

We cross checked our token location which is currently set to “United States”

As part of the VPP synchronization process, the country or region from which the apps were downloaded is important.

Hence for the app, which is restricted to specific location, we created another VPP token.

Creating a new VPP token will create a new file named *.VPPtoken and this time you can choose the country/region as the country where the app can be used.

The VPP token should be synced after creating, and the app should appear in the Intune apps node after a few minutes.

The app can now be assigned to groups of users or devices.



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